A few more thoughts….

Three posts in one day? Obvs I am a little cray-cray for Word Press tonight.  

1. Maya Angelou worked with Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and read at the Inauguration of President Clinton.  I only read one book by Ms. Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. That being said, I still cannot get over the first fact.  

2. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Zafon are fantastic companion books.

3. My 8th graders CAN and DO write fantastic poetry. The best are the sonnets.  

4. Last week, I decided that I may have a t-shirt that has magical powers.  My Team Curtis t-shirt, a reminder of how brain cancer can both destroy a family and connect strangers, centered my thinking, gave me the articulate words I needed and helped me to build a confident presentation.  

5. I hate hearing that people I know are getting a divorce.  

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One Response to A few more thoughts….

  1. I’ve heard mixed reviews on The Goldfinch. I want to read it but can’t quite commit yet. It’s l…o….n….g….. Glad you stopped by my blog. Your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader. Bizarre.

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